Air Sealing


Air leaks can account for up to 50 % of the energy loss in your home.

For new construction, May Energy Solutions will utilize the latest materials and methods to seal the envelope of the house to keep your conditioned air inside and the Texas weather outside. Gaskets are recommended at the top and bottom of walls and around doors and windows to prevent leakage. Expanding foam is used to insulate and fill large gaps between doors and windows and the wall framing, and also used to fill the holes drilled in the framing for electrical wiring and plumbing pipes.  Foam or caulk is used to seal gaps between drywall and electrical boxes or plumbing pipes. Caulk is used to seal small gaps around door and window trim. Can lights in the ceiling are sealed with boxes made from fireproof mineral wool.

For older homes that did not have proper air sealing when constructed, May Energy Solutions can seal the typical problem areas accessible in the attic which are the penetrations in the framing for plumbing and electric, the gaps between framing and drywall, and penetrations in the ceiling for electrical boxes, recessed light fixtures, and bathroom vent fans.

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