About Us

May Energy Solutions’ mission is to fill our community with homes that are more energy efficient while providing superior customer service and a great employee environment. We strive to make every customer and employee feel like family. Well-insulated, energy efficient homes serviced by May Energy Solutions can put money back into customers’ pockets and provide them with peace of mind. Providing these services is how we want to take care of our family and community. We will never stop building our skills and knowledge. May Energy Solutions wants to give customers better solutions for a better home.

Andrew May

Andrew moved to his wife’s hometown of New Braunfels because they wanted to raise their family here and he loved the parks and rivers. He has extensive experience in service management. He is BPI certified in building analysis, blower door testing, and infiltration & duct leakage. Andrew is currently pursuing additional home improvement certifications to continuously improve his skill base and to better help the New Braunfels community. Andrew shares his passion for home improvement and helping others with his father, Carl. He believes the most important parts of life are family and the place you call home. Your house is where your family eats, sleeps, and creates memories. Well-insulated and energy efficient homes provide improved comfort, lower utility bills, increased property value, and provide better indoor air quality. Andrew wants to work with you to make your house the best that it can be. Improve your house by contacting May Energy Solutions.

Carl May

Carl is a mechanical engineer with over 37 years of experience. He has been interested in residential construction for almost as long. When he and wife decided to move out of their starter home in the 1990’s, being the dedicated engineer that he is, he researched as much as he could about cost-effective, energy-saving home building. He decided to help design and oversee construction of his family’s new home. He put a lot of efficient energy solutions in their home that was cutting edge 25 years ago but are standard practice now. One of them was spraying cellulose insulation in the walls because it fills all the space around wires and pipes so there are no gaps in the insulation. He was a believer back then, but “The Big Freeze of 2021” proved to him that cellulose insulation was the right choice. When it reached below 10 degrees outside for several days without power, his house only got down to 56 degrees inside. He had many friends and neighbors whose houses got down to below freezing inside and had pipes burst as a result. This is the reason Carl and his son, Andrew, started their business – to help others avoid these problems, pay less on their energy bills, and reduce the impact heating and cooling houses has on the environment. May Energy Solutions is here to help you improve the quality of your insulation and protect your home from extreme weather conditions, so you can provide the best environment for your family.

Josh Smith<br />
General Manager

Josh Smith
General Manager

Josh is a native Texan who has lived in New Braunfels his whole life and understands our climate and how extreme it can be. He and his family enjoy both being outdoors and indoors, and with that said, he understands how comfortable and relaxing it can be to be indoors. Indoor air quality and saving energy are important to everyday life and after 15 years in the service industry he has joined Andrew on his mission to make homes in New Braunfels as efficient as possible. He is always looking for better solutions to improve your home and quality of life.